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Art Failure + 1!

So this weekend is the opening for the Tucson Biennial.  I submitted three drawings but was declined (boo hiss!). Oh well, you win some and you lose some.  The van drawing was added for fun.


I’ve Been Thinking and I Have Something Smart to Say…

But I think I’ll wait until the next post to say it.  Ball point pen on illustration board.

I Can’t Think of an Appropriate Title

I’ve been going hiking and mountain biking up Allen Springs road quite a bit these last few weeks.  On the left is Jerome, on the middle-right by the cement plant is Clarkdale, on the right is Cottonwood and the mountains in the background are the San Francisco Peaks.  The panorama was created with a program called Microsoft ICE.

A Phoenix Weekend

I heard an interview today where a graphic designer mentioned that his design/film work often felt more subversive than his art because his ideas reached a far broader group of people (other than just art people I’m assuming).  I often wonder if making critical commentary through the context of art is more effective compared to subtly placing information into the world without labeling it art or poetry or something “important”.  Art seems too easily dismissible these days.

By the way, these are some pictures I took this weekend while at Phoenix Comic Con.  Lately I’ve been interested in about a hundred things, one being film and it’s nostalgic properties that give it an almost automatic feeling of importance.  Another is the way buildings and walkways can guide us through a space without us ever knowing our paths have been been directed.