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Water, Rocks, and Concrete

Ball-point pen and mechanical pencil on three sheets of 12″ x 9″ watercolor paper.

Every time I’ve ever made a piece of art I’ve had some grand master plan. I’ve always attempted to create work that explains some ridiculously complex concept with an eagerness to show that its complexity can be smashed into one single form.  I’ve constantly wanted to unveil some glorious/important observation that “hasn’t yet been discovered” and as a result I’ve only revealed an ego that finds my ideas more important than others. In the end, this futile attempt at showing how much I know only shows how much I don’t.

And lately, as I stare at rocks, mountains, lakes, and oceans and then at translations made of sheets of paper and black lines I realize that what I thought I knew about the world was different and is constantly changing.  I hardly understand anything about this place.

Maybe when making art it’s better to learn something true than to prove something big.


Where is WIN Nixon?

I wonder…


Can our sight take up physical space? Is there such thing as spiritual space? Perception or inception? Leo, am I being pretentious?