Looking at One’s Own Feet

I read an interview where a photographer named Kyoji Takahashi was asked why he was now focusing on his immediate home turf surroundings instead of the foreign places he was known for.  He said, “because I think it’s easier to take photos of a world outside your own. It’s much more difficult to look at one’s own feet. It’s very difficult to take a photo of your own roots.”

I agree, I think it is terribly easy to find mystery and beauty or something unique in a world that is not your own.  It’s too bad that it often takes leaving your roots in order to appreciate how amazing they really are.  By the way, two of these are from Northern California and one is from the desert I consider home.

  1. What a wonderful sentiment. I agree totally. And shooting at home means you notice things that you’d never notice normally. And it gets you thinking in more creative ways, so that you’ll get some interesting shots.

    Thanks so much for sharing the quote!

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