A Rectangle is Not a Square

A square is a rectangle, a rectangle is a parallelogram, a parallelogram is a quadrilateral, a quadrilateral is a polygon. But a rectangle is not always a square.

The definition of individual objects in order to identify them is fascinating to me, especially when the object is organic or more complex.  Like, my face is a face, but a face is not always my face.  I wonder what rules the programs that run Google maps go by in order to recognize a face as a face.  Or how Facebook can literally identify and differentiate between your friends when you upload a picture of them.  I honestly don’t find it creepy that computers are able to do this, but it makes me wonder how complex our brains are in order to be able to recognize a seemingly infinite amount of objects and patterns so easily.  And we are practically born with this ability!  It reminds me of that cartoonish idea of the newborn animal that claims the first living thing it sees as “mother.”

Ball-point pen on illustration board, 16 in by 20 in.

p.s.  You might be able to see a faded cross section in the picture and it’s the result of taking four separate scans and then piecing them together on the computer.  I’ve photographed my work and that always seems to turn out pretty bad, soooo, anybody got any ideas of where I can go to scan larger works in the whole?

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