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El War

Please click on the link! It’s the main reason for making this post.

I recently finished watching Battlestar Galactica and I suppose it has been on the philosophical/metaphysical/visual realms of my mind lately.  And so, I suppose, I decided to use these ideas as a project to learn how to make something in Processing. The pages above are from an old book that was converted into a sketchbook before I bought it. The first image is the cover.

The book is The War by Louis L. Snyder, published in 1960.


Some Rooftop in L.A.

I live in a small tourist town where the genuine culture has been hijacked by silly shops with cheap (or overpriced) merchandise. Tourist towns are almost universal, like a Denny’s chain where everything is somehow familiar and comfortable and they always taste the same no matter where it’s at. I have to admit that I really miss living in a city.