Hit the Restart Button


I was thinking recently about the constant theme of total destruction (GODZILLA?!)  in Japanese pop culture. I mean, if you look at almost every other anime (Akira, Neon Genesis Evangelion, and Metropolis just to name a few mega hits) you see some kind of utopian/distopian society that is inevitably destroyed or rewritten usually through some kind of futuristic technology. I have to say, it’s slightly odd to realize that the U.S. is directly related to this part of the Japanese psyche…

Anyway, I’m interested in what objects become after some kind of natural (or unnatural) disaster. Perhaps my interest is in the objects themselves and how they reset to their basic form of object-hood, disconnected from their intended meanings. Is the boat really just a boat anymore? The buildings around it are now just wood, metal and cement and piles of mixed rubble. Was the boat always just a boat? Or was it just a relatively large object made of  metal and plastic and whatever else boats are made of? My guess is that the giant object on the building kept it’s originally intended meaning of “boat” and that is why the photo of it is so unique.

Does any of this even matter? I’ll answer that in my next post (maybe).

P.S. The glitch pics were made from a Processing sketch I made. The link at the top is the application so click on it if you want to try it out and make your own images.

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