Into the Dark

Recently I got this cool shot of my wife, Liz, dressed as Jill Valentine from Resident Evil 5 (the video game) at Fanime. I forgot that I had a black and white roll of film in the camera so it was a cool surprise to see the results from Walgreens!

We’re planning on making a big move soon so I’ve been unsure of what I should bring along or put in storage (I’ve learned to not simply get rid of stuff because I tend to go back to it sooner or later) and this applied to my photography supplies as well. When I saw this picture though I just had to make a print and I’ve decided that darkroom photography is just too cool to let go of!

Just for a fun comparison, here is the Walgreens digital version:

And here is my print (please at least excuse my crappy easel borders):

When comparing the two I think I could have added a bit more contrast (I did try to make the scan on the monitor look as close to the original…) but oh well, it was just fun to get in the darkroom, and besides, I only had two sheets of paper left to mess with.

Liz was posing for somebody else at the time and I just happened to have this beastly camera on hand:

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