Enter the Machine

In my last post I said I would explain the images I had shown and *TADAA!* here is my explanation!

Basically I have been messing around in Processing (an especially fitting name for the work that I have been doing lately) to create what I call “image machines.” I wanted to create a program that could take an image, put it through an equation that included some random variables, and then spit out a new image. But I also wanted to automate the process so I made the program import the resulting image and put it through the machine again and again (as many times as I wanted) to see what would come out. The result was a kind of evolutionary progression that ended up making some really cool patterns, each one derived from the previous image.

I’m kind of addicted to making these but here are just a few that I thought were really cool (please click on them to see the super awesome hi-res versions):

If you didn’t notice, that last image was made from the previous one as it’s source image.

Aaaand just for kicks, here’s a Tumblr I just started with more of these plates put in order so you can see the progression. Each flat color plate (so far there is only a black one and a white one) is the original starting plate for each specific set.


I thought it would be cool to have this program work online and regularly update itself but I don’t have my own site set up (and I’m not even sure how to do what I want yet) so for now I thought this would be the next best thing. I plan on having the Tumblr post daily as a kind of journal that documents each projects’ progress. I have more ideas and projects involving Processing with most of them producing a lot of images and I don’t want to flood this blog so I might just post an update every now and again when a new project has been started.

Up next: video!

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