1000 Frames of Plaid

The video itself is pretty self explanatory but I would like to say a few things about it before you watch it:

1. Please watch it at the 720p HD setting! Although it might take a little bit of time to load for such a short video, the lower quality settings really don’t do it justice. I tried uploading to vimeo and I was really unsatisfied with the quality that came out. For some reason their system re-encodes my video to a really low quality even in HD. The simple text introduction at the beginning of the video was blocky and downright ugly and I won’t even mention how bad the rest of the video was… Perhaps I have to buy a Plus account if I don’t want it to look like shit?

2. If you can, please listen to it with headphones on. I made the audio with headphones on and I didn’t listen to it without them until I uploaded it and I was surprised (but not too surprised) to find the sound quite horrible. I think it might be obvious but I am NOT a musician! I was completely out of my comfort zone with this aspect so I have to say that it is also a little embarrassing. But honestly, I’ve been interested in creating my own sound for a while now and so I gave it a shot and it was fun! I can also say that I now have a shit ton of respect for people who make music.

3. Just in case you’re interested, I made the audio with LMMS and the video with Blender which has a video editor but is not the greatest if you are new to the program. There is a huge learning curve and it is used mostly for creating 3d content so it ended up being more of a struggle than I thought it would be for such a simple video. Although I do have the adobe CS4 suite I’ve been interested in free and open source software a lot lately and this is the result!

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