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Dear Holga,

My previous/first attempt at medium format included a 45 minute drive just to drop the film off. I then had to pay my dues plus $8 shipping since my photo lab didn’t do the developing in house. I then had to return a week later just to pick up some photos that may or may not have turned out (because, you know, it’s a Holga – the back might have popped open or¬†something). Three hours worth of driving and a weeks worth of waiting and shipping costs made the simplistic freedom of my Holga camera nonexistent. I don’t mind if my photos turn out like crap, that is part of the toy camera fun but this was seriously not much fun.

Ah, but now! There is one place I’ve started going to in Berkeley that is 20 minutes away that can develop medium format film and get it done in the same day. There is also another in Oakland that I haven’t tried out yet but it is even closer. I’m seriously so excited! Making crappy photos has never been so¬†convenient!



I know I’ve been away from this blog for a while and I’m hoping to be more productive so I can start posting more. These last two months have been pretty crazy because of a big out of state move to Alameda, California. I just got a job in Oakland so things are starting to sink in and become a little more normalized and this means I can spend less time figuring shit out and more time making stuff. There is a little bit of culture shock but in general there is just so much going on all of the time that I often feel like I just can’t keep up. The experience so far has been truly inspiring but also extremely overwhelming which makes it a little hard to process.

Here are some random photos I took just from messing around.