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Holga Spam

I’ll try hard to keep this blog from turning into a Holga diary but until then here are some more photos taken with the beast. I went to the USS Hornet last week and only a few came out of the roll. Nine or so of the photos were taken inside the ship and so they were all too dark and didn’t capture anything. Eh well, I thought these two were cool at least.




I have a passion for filling in space on paper with ballpoint pen. Will you hire me?
lonely lovelyDSC_0799smallBallpoint pen on matte board. Around 20 x 15 inches.

Clowns vs. Cowboys

I found these slides at an antique store the other day and thought they were too great to pass up. Seriously, I wish I had taken them.

clown slide pic-smallrodeo cowboy slide pic-small