pinhole camera

Meet my new pinhole camera! This is the second/enhanced version (the first was cut up to help me make this one). This beast takes 35mm film and can capture around 13 photos on a 24 exposure roll of film. Each exposure ends up being around 6 cm wide so it’s more like a panorama/medium format camera. This camera is cool because I can change the roll in daylight and basically use it like a regular camera. I’ve never made a pinhole camera before but I put a lot of thought into what I wanted it to be able to do. I think most people tend to make them so they can expose photo paper and take the box or can that they used into the darkroom and process it right away. I wanted to be able to take multiple “high quality” exposures without hitting the darkroom (because I don’t have a darkroom any more) plus I thought it would be cool to have something portable enough to take wherever I wanted.

I got the idea of creating a pin-hole camera after realizing how stressed I had become over technology and my desire to keep up with the times. I often have the feeling that I am constantly falling behind, especially in those moments when I get something new and the next thing I see is something bigger and better, but only ever so slightly out of my price range. In general, there is just too much stuff in the world and I think at least 80% of it is useless or at least redundant. I think somehow we are made to think that all these things we desire are necessities when in reality we can get by without them quite well (have you heard those commercials for brain exercises!?). This has caused some to accuse me as old fashioned lately. But seriously, I would rather be a creator that uses technology as a tool instead being so enamored by it that I spend more time wanting it than actually using it. Sometimes going back to the basics is a good way to see how being a creator actually works.

And so, right now I’m fascinated that I don’t even need a lens to capture an image. All I need is a box with a tiny hole in it. Holy shit.

Once again the photo people at Walgreens think I’m nuts…

ph1ph13ph2 ph7 ph8

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