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An Orange Cat!

These are from my last class. I was able to develop four rolls and I still have one roll to scan (hand scanning and digitally processing is much more work than I had realized). I’m really loving this stuff. I feel like my relationship with my camera has grown somewhat lately and now I’m ALWAYS itching to go out and shoot.

alameda jungle alameda, oakland cranes liz and josh no hitting balls orange cat, green field park1 smoke damaged house


Darkroom Is Love

These are my very first color photos I have ever developed myself. I’m stoked!! Class at Rayko is pretty cool. These are also the first negatives I’ve scanned myself and processed with a computer so I’m still a little new on getting the colors to look natural… These were captured with Glady on Fujicolor 200 film (bought at the Safeway).
three palm trees white tree w white building grass w flowers alameda beach

PHOTO SHOOT! (and other news)

Hello world, here are a couple of photos from a shoot I did the other day with Liz on the beach.



We tested the area out the day before to see if the tide would be low enough during the time we wanted to shoot. With previous Liz photo shoots I usually would have to experiment a lot during the shoot to figure out camera settings, flash settings and environmental settings that would usually cause a lot of frustration.

Well, this time we were prepared! I had the light balance, flash settings, and all camera and filter settings ready which resulted in a very smooth photo shoot and some cool photos that I’m pretty excited about! This was the first time doing a photo shoot with the D7000 and very minimal RAW color processing was involved. Photoshop was only used for re-sizing (I’m kind of proud of this).

So, here is the “other news” portion of this post. I have a new little website for my photos right——–> here. You can also see a few more shots of the Cierra photo shoot there. I’m pretty stoked, so far the site only has Liz photo shoots but I plan on putting up some more artsy stuff in the “near” future. Also, speaking of “artsy stuff,” I’m taking a darkroom photography class! The class is once a week in San Francisco and I’m learning how to process film and in about a month my next class for color printing will begin. I used to have a black and white dark room but color has always been a mystery and so far it’s been pretty fun demystifying it. I can’t wait to make my own prints and doing my own processing should seriously cut down costs on all the film I get developed. Right now I have a backlog of about 10 rolls… Oh and one more bit of news, a while back one of my hard drives went out and I lost a lot of stuff (all digital and video) so I recently started a Flickr account here to basically archive/back up all of my photos.