An Addiction

So much has happened since my last post and to be honest I’m actually a little shocked. I completed my second class at Rayko (color printmaking!) which was a lot of fun. I have acquired two new cameras: a super awesome Mamiya C220 TLR that takes 120 film (medium format) and an iphone 4. I have taken a TON of photos with both and I’ve developed at least ten rolls with six more exposed rolls waiting for me in the fridge. I have made several awesome prints, I’ve become more active on flickr, and I’ve joined Instagram. Oh, and I just got back from a little vacation in San Jose and Santa Cruz.

I’m fascinated with the contrast of shooting with an iphone vs an old school professional medium format TLR. One is instant and free while the other is definitely neither but I still love using both (and of course, I’m still making time for Glady!). But honestly, I don’t really compare the two. I’m still focused on the same kind of imagery and I would rather be taking photos instead of joining the great digital vs analogue debate. But maybe I will do a little profile on each of them in future posts. Until then, here are some photos!

The first three are from the iphone, the last three are from the C220. The ones with white borders are scanned prints.

8836142816_9b7eccebad_h 8863077570_bbbd3de404_h 8883173854_b1733a0072_hfield w flowers-printimg256-print kodakektar100-c220img220

  1. Josh! I just scoped out your flikr account. You’ve been busy! So formally beautiful! I’m happy to see that you’re making a lot of things and learning new things too. I like that you posted your iPhone and analog photos back-to-back; there are definitely similarities but the difference between them is very, very clear. It’s nice to see you neutrally embrace them both. I’m interested to see where you will go from here with this. Hope you and Liz are well!

    • Hey Amanda, it’s good to hear from you!

      I’ve definitely felt busy lately and I try to take photos as a kind of way to relax. I seriously am addicted and I take them every day. I think it brings a sense of peace to a crazy overstimulated life. It’s funny, my favorite pass time is just walking around and looking at stuff!

      I too am interested to see what you will be up to in the future, I’m excited for your life change! I think it’s obvious when I look at my own stuff, but, new experiences tend to reflect in what we put back into the world. The hard part (in my case anyway) is embracing the change šŸ˜‰

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