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I know I’ve been away from this blog for a while and I’m hoping to be more productive so I can start posting more. These last two months have been pretty crazy because of a big out of state move to Alameda, California. I just got a job in Oakland so things are starting to sink in and become a little more normalized and this means I can spend less time figuring shit out and more time making stuff. There is a little bit of culture shock but in general there is just so much going on all of the time that I often feel like I just can’t keep up. The experience so far has been truly inspiring but also extremely overwhelming which makes it a little hard to process.

Here are some random photos I took just from messing around.


Courage Grows Strong at a Wound

Dear Silk Screen Process,

I may not be perfect, but I got you this time!


Captain C.

How to Write a Letter

Dear Silk Screen Process,

fuck you.


Captain C.


Found another old project.  I used to love x-men, especially the early 90’s versions. I think I was trying to think along the lines of  “the artist as curator.”  And I wonder… can a collection of thoughts, memories, or articles be art?  Can a person pluck other peoples photos, ideas, or events from the world and place them into a collection and then claim that collection to be one big piece of art? Don’t hate me if I’m wrong.


Where is WIN Nixon?

I wonder…

Snake Bite

I found this while on my recent vacation to Northern California.  Although it’s not something I created, I found this little piece of history quite fascinating and even a little inspiring.