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Send and Receive

Here are a couple of paintings I’ve just completed. The picture quality is quite horrible but they get the point across.  I don’t think I’ll explain these two (as if I’ve really explained anything else on this blog) because I’m not completely sure what I mean by them.  I think they are only a small part of some larger idea and maybe a little insufficient by themselves.

The glitch painting was done on watercolor paper which is a first for me.  It’s acrylic and collage or mixed media or something and I think its 20 or 22 inches square. The Swimmer is acrylic on canvas and I think it’s around 20-24 inches tall…


Death, Bunnies, and a Pair of Pliers

One morning a couple days ago I was in my bike room (which also happens to be my painting studio) trying to get my bike prepped for a ride.  At some point frustration overcame me (which it happens to do on occasion) and with lightning speed I grabbed the pliers that were sitting in front of me, whirled around and chucked them at the first thing I saw across the room.  Well they stuck and I’ve decided to leave them!

I can imagine that some people would think that this is naive and I kind of agree. But this bunny has given me so much hell it just seemed like the perfect finale. If it wasn’t finished yet it certainly is now and it ended with the most amazingly perfect thud imaginable.