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I realize I’ve been slacking with this blog and stuff so here is a little update! But actually, maybe I haven’t truly been slacking because I did make a post last month and in general that is about as current as I like to keep things. I guess this feeling of “slacking off” comes from the amount of sensory overload that I have endured lately compared to the amount of information that I have put back into the world via this blog. If you didn’t know, I semi-recently (in October) moved to the San Francisco Bay area. I have experienced so many new things in such a small time that my mind has been overblown with so many new ideas and feelings that cause me to freeze until I find myself repeating that old phrase, “I just don’t know what to do with myself.” It’s one of those roller coaster sort of things with at least one weekly identity crisis. It’s obvious to me that a lot of emotions are involved but I still can’t help but question what I want in life or who I want to be. These aren’t new questions by any means they just tend to come up a lot more often.

And because of this it seems that almost every day I have a new project in mind with most not getting past the sketchbook phase (if they even make it that far). It’s really an exciting time for me but honestly I would like to slow myself down in order to maybe focus my ideas into something cohesive. I have several posts in the making (one post is honestly a lot of work for me) so hopefully those will help me bring my thoughts together a bit.

Until then, here are a few new images from my tumblr which is still going strong!

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I have a passion for filling in space on paper with ballpoint pen. Will you hire me?
lonely lovelyDSC_0799smallBallpoint pen on matte board. Around 20 x 15 inches.

Some Stuff

Lately while exercising or at work (doing mindless tasks) I think of embarassing things I’ve said or done in the past. College courses and awkward moments at previous jobs often come to mind. Sometimes even comments I’ve made online or crap from high school permeate the brain! Some people laugh out loud when they remember a funny joke and I wish I could laugh but instead when I remember these embarrassing moments (or become embarrassed about something that wasn’t embarrassing at the time) I tend to literally grit my teeth and moan out loud as if I had a stomach ache. I know these memories don’t mean much but for some reason they keep coming back to me. So I thought, what if I post something that I knew was embarrassing or that I am a little insecure about simply to get it off my chest. Maybe, in some weird way, it will help all the other embarrassments go away. Diminish them a little? Make them void?

Probably not… here is a statement I wrote (semi) recently:

And here is a short list (if nothing else, that statement proves that I can certainly write a list) of things I find embarrassing about the statement:

1) I forgot the “the” at the end of the first paragraph. 2) The very last sentence reminds me of that old cliche, “If a tree falls down in the forest and nobody is around to hear it, does it still make a sound?” (or something like that). And 3) it’s soooo flippin’ dramatic. I mean, that whole first paragraph? Artists get pretty serious about their content but some (namely me) have a hard time making it relate-able without sounding all sappy and super self-important.

And here is something a little less embarrassing but applicable:

Lions and Diamonds (x2)

So, I skipped a whole month without posting. Yeesh! oh well… It’s kind of hard to believe that about a year ago (exactly) I started this blog and made my very first post.  Time really flies but in a year I have created so many different things, done so many things, and I have certainly thought about a shit load of things. Most of it doesn’t make it onto the blog so I’m thinking about making a portfolio type website to showcase my silly work in a more official manner. This blog would stay what it is: more of a journal/progress report/personal think tank. We’ll see what happens.

To another crazy year!

Digital is Physical

Yeah, so, I recently made this Super Basic Drawing App (please go play with it!). I also made the drawing below.

The Super Basic Drawing App(!) was made with Processing. The drawing below (above) is (not too big) x (a little bigger) made with pen and mechanical pencil on matte board.



Found another old project.  I used to love x-men, especially the early 90’s versions. I think I was trying to think along the lines of  “the artist as curator.”  And I wonder… can a collection of thoughts, memories, or articles be art?  Can a person pluck other peoples photos, ideas, or events from the world and place them into a collection and then claim that collection to be one big piece of art? Don’t hate me if I’m wrong.


A Rectangle is Not a Square

A square is a rectangle, a rectangle is a parallelogram, a parallelogram is a quadrilateral, a quadrilateral is a polygon. But a rectangle is not always a square.

The definition of individual objects in order to identify them is fascinating to me, especially when the object is organic or more complex.  Like, my face is a face, but a face is not always my face.  I wonder what rules the programs that run Google maps go by in order to recognize a face as a face.  Or how Facebook can literally identify and differentiate between your friends when you upload a picture of them.  I honestly don’t find it creepy that computers are able to do this, but it makes me wonder how complex our brains are in order to be able to recognize a seemingly infinite amount of objects and patterns so easily.  And we are practically born with this ability!  It reminds me of that cartoonish idea of the newborn animal that claims the first living thing it sees as “mother.”

Ball-point pen on illustration board, 16 in by 20 in.

p.s.  You might be able to see a faded cross section in the picture and it’s the result of taking four separate scans and then piecing them together on the computer.  I’ve photographed my work and that always seems to turn out pretty bad, soooo, anybody got any ideas of where I can go to scan larger works in the whole?