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I think I’ll explain more about this later, but I’ve been working in Processing and kind of stumbled onto this! I just thought they were too cool not to post.


Some Stuff

Lately while exercising or at work (doing mindless tasks) I think of embarassing things I’ve said or done in the past. College courses and awkward moments at previous jobs often come to mind. Sometimes even comments I’ve made online or crap from high school permeate the brain! Some people laugh out loud when they remember a funny joke and I wish I could laugh but instead when I remember these embarrassing moments (or become embarrassed about something that wasn’t embarrassing at the time) I tend to literally grit my teeth and moan out loud as if I had a stomach ache. I know these memories don’t mean much but for some reason they keep coming back to me. So I thought, what if I post something that I knew was embarrassing or that I am a little insecure about simply to get it off my chest. Maybe, in some weird way, it will help all the other embarrassments go away. Diminish them a little? Make them void?

Probably not… here is a statement I wrote (semi) recently:

And here is a short list (if nothing else, that statement proves that I can certainly write a list) of things I find embarrassing about the statement:

1) I forgot the “the” at the end of the first paragraph. 2) The very last sentence reminds me of that old cliche, “If a tree falls down in the forest and nobody is around to hear it, does it still make a sound?” (or something like that). And 3) it’s soooo flippin’ dramatic. I mean, that whole first paragraph? Artists get pretty serious about their content but some (namely me) have a hard time making it relate-able without sounding all sappy and super self-important.

And here is something a little less embarrassing but applicable:

Send and Receive

Here are a couple of paintings I’ve just completed. The picture quality is quite horrible but they get the point across.  I don’t think I’ll explain these two (as if I’ve really explained anything else on this blog) because I’m not completely sure what I mean by them.  I think they are only a small part of some larger idea and maybe a little insufficient by themselves.

The glitch painting was done on watercolor paper which is a first for me.  It’s acrylic and collage or mixed media or something and I think its 20 or 22 inches square. The Swimmer is acrylic on canvas and I think it’s around 20-24 inches tall…