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I have a passion for filling in space on paper with ballpoint pen. Will you hire me?
lonely lovelyDSC_0799smallBallpoint pen on matte board. Around 20 x 15 inches.


Lions and Diamonds (x2)

So, I skipped a whole month without posting. Yeesh! oh well… It’s kind of hard to believe that about a year ago (exactly) I started this blog and made my very first post.  Time really flies but in a year I have created so many different things, done so many things, and I have certainly thought about a shit load of things. Most of it doesn’t make it onto the blog so I’m thinking about making a portfolio type website to showcase my silly work in a more official manner. This blog would stay what it is: more of a journal/progress report/personal think tank. We’ll see what happens.

To another crazy year!

Where is WIN Nixon?

I wonder…

Lions and Diamonds

Monstar *

Ipod sketcho, hey!  Brushes app.